Chariot maker - Robert Hurford

chariotchariotThis is our reconstruction from evidence on painted ceramics of a Mycenean Greek kind called by some scholars a ‘rail chariot’, the film required swingletrees for the horsemaster’s use, so I made them to be readily removable.

I have here interpreted the trumpet-shaped extensions of the floor as basketwork stands.

These are different only in detail, due to the BBC’s requirements, the second built one incorporated bronze copies of the original terrets and linchpins
chariot chariot
bronze parts chariot

This is thought to be the first attempt at an accurate reconstruction of a racing Roman chariot.
Time Team chariot

Recently made Egyptian chariots
I made these models, a 1:4 scale chariot and a pastiche of Egyptian tomb models, for the International Museum of the Horse, Kentucky Assyrian chariots resting
in the deserts of Anatolia

See also this Youtube video from our trip to Egypt and this video from Time Team.

Chinese chariots
Finished chariot This trench contained 29 buried
chariots from 700BC
Finished chariot Mike Loades driving the chariot

"Chinese Chariot Revealed" Documentary

Herstellung antiker Streitwagen, Rekonstruktion antiker Gefährte,
Spezialherstellung und Erforschung keltischer Streitwagen,
Herstellung und Erforschung mittelalterlicher Kutschen.

Production des chars antiques, réconstruction des véhicules antiques,
production specialisée et recherches concernant chars celtiques et gaulois,
production et recherches sur des carosses medievaux.

Additional videos:

Machines Time Forgot - a project filmed in Turkey, reconstructing Assyrian chariots

Wheelwright in Houghton - the workshop, and the old craftsman to whom I was apprenticed




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